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What is the relationship of the experience of synchronicities?

What is the relationship of the experience of synchronicities to the 'rational'? That question has been answered:

"Accompanying the more profound occurrences of synchronicity (is) a dawning intuition, sometimes described as having the character of a spiritual awakening, that the individual herself or himself not only is embedded in a larger ground of meaning and purpose, but also in some sense (is) a focus of it."
Richard Tarnas Cosmos and Psyche

The above quotation is embedded in 492 pages + 50 pages of endnotes, etc, little bitty print, not many pictures in the book.

"There is another world, but it is 'in' this one." Paul Eluard, Morris Berman, The Reenchantment of the World"

"Here again the dialectic that runs through the whole development of the mythical-religious consciousness stands out with particular sharpness....It is a fundmantal trait in mythical thinking that where ever it posits a definite relation between two members it transforms this relation into an identity. An attempted synthesis leads here necessarily to a coincidence, an immediate concrescence of the elements that were to be linked. " Ernst Cassirer, page 250, The Philosophy of symbolic Forms, Vol 2.

Concrescence is a term coined by Alfred North Whitehead
to show the process of jointly forming an actual entity that was without form, but about to manifest itself ...

"I saw not with the eye of the body, but the eye of the soul." Goethe; Theodore Reik's Fragment of a Great Confession

In discovering the other world, the hidden world, a very strange kind of conversation can be experienced but it's not the typical 'voice' that speaks in that other world. It's created artificially! It uses whatever is available to the individual, the specific individual.

This quotation is from War In Heaven by Charles Williams.

"When Mr. Batesby had spoken that morning it had seemed as if two streams of things: actual events and his own meditations had flowed gently together; as if not he but Life were solving the problem in the natural process of the world. He reminded himself now that such a simplicity was unlikely; explanations did not lucidly arise from mere accidents and present themselves as all but an ordered whole."
Read only the words in Bold-red. and that's the best example I can give of the process of 'abstraction' from embeddedness. This is an excellent description of synchronization as a life process. One's own meditations and actual events flow together and a new 'voice' speaks through this natural process.

Its an individualizing experience in every day life that has been named various names throughout history. C. G. Jung named it individuation, Emanuel Swedenborg had accurately identifed it as regeneration, a process that includes a life review.
An individuation process is not commonly recognized because its such a unique personalized life experience of one's own body and mind. You may be as surprised as I was to have to learn that the 'irrational' is what can't be scientifically validated because it's unique, ultra personal experiences that happen over a life span and science requires repeatability.
So the irrational is what ever isn't rational because science excludes personal analysis, the process requires repeatability. In fact the irrational is a wholeness of experience in that it includes the rational when the individuation process operates in a life or in lives. An individuation process is not commonly understood yet but I became aware of the process and the pattern without knowing about it myself!
How it creates a 'voice' and a conversation is the most personalizing life experience that can be experienced if it's recognized, because the form of its 'speech' is difficult to be discerned. Order emerges from chaos, literally over a span of time that may be decades in a life. It's speech is created artificially, the 'voice' aspect is created by a process of abstractions from every day life content. The bibliography at the end of a technical non-fictional book is in my opinion the result of that process of abstractions, its basically invisible to the author.
When quantum physics was 'discovered' that was a message that 'said': "The physical world is derived from another world" and: " there are no causes in the physical world, only effects." (Emanuel Swedenborg had already written that fact and other important details about the process of life, regeneration was his name for it, that he believed prepared a person for life after death.) One attribute of its speech is symbolic but literalness is also part of how the' voice' is created by a process literally of 'abstractions' , highlighted by the mind from every day life content, by a special function of mind that creates a 'second under lying context' automatically, with an extra 'sense'. The term 'second underlying context' was my own definition but a local Jungian psycyhiatrist told me it was an excellent term. Swedenborg's term, 'double thought' is appropriate too.

Only last year I saw an old movie (Blade Runner) and the process of 'abstraction' caused me to hear a remark made in it about 'tears lost in rain' with that 'extra meaningful sense' that I've noticed myself in my mind. It has helped me describe the undescribable invisibility of such events that occur, embedded in every day life until the 'extra sense' abstracts and highlights them. The 'jokes' that cause you to laugh most heartily are the simplest example I can give now. Television situation comedies in our time are popular from this mechanism's operations but that's just one of 'its' attributes.

There is a kind of rational logic inherent to the process, not Aristolean, or linear, because 'it' uses personal memories and experiences as the content of the process. But that's a fact that had to be recognized over a span of time when 'it' created in my life a consistent synchronization between inner content that was new to me, certain memories from my past and everything, every thing, outside my body.
The process itself was almost overwhelming for a few years until it was a new kind of 'normal', but not yet invisible. What's new eventually becomes normal but whatever is normal gets to be invisible eventually, its ever presence has made it invisible.

The process as I had to figure out myself, operates 'in' every day events. I believe it is a special sense that unites (synchronizes is the best word to use) the body and brain with what's outside the body, history and Time itself with the flow of what I believe is the 'ongoing endeavor of Time'. It may be a function of the unconsciousness itself to create the process of individuation, from the depths of mind but I'm not sure about that. But let me emphasize that I had to discover all, every 'bit of information' myself and notice how it was created from mechanisms of mind that alter 'thought' and the direction of attention. The most difficult to discover was that there is a kind of 'prompter within'. It created a new relationship with every day life events gradually.'

" The medium is the message." The extension in Time of an idea can be 'like' a signal, in my opinion.

The process of individuation is virtually unknown but I have experienced that the 'transcendental function' is in charge, it's building a future event: The Future. Sometimes long strings of events have to happen, widely spaced in time so that the personal 'meaning and context' can in some situations only be given decades later. I've had several events, separated by even decades happen, then a 'closing event ' completes the string and then an inner display retrieves them and assembles them in a flash of a second as 'insight'. Only then suddenly, it's obvious that part of me in the past somehow 'knew' the future.

I wouldn't abandon 'string theory' which F. David Peat wrote is an 'interactive force'. He did not write about or mention a process of individuation. I will have to describe in detail why I believe Sigmund Freud's 'discovery' of psychoanalysis was his experience of this individuation process and Carl G. Jung's much deeper experience was the result of recognizing the effects of the same pattern.

What ever "it" is that energizes my body in that 'kind' of event, which often happens as an ordinary situation, it's not always 'numinous' (feelable at the moment) or even unusual. It's 'feelable' when a creative 'function' of the unconscious mind that is not unconscious its self., 'highlights' the event or the memory of an event. I know it never sleeps, I've had more than acceptable evidence of that fact. That's where its possible to see evidence of foresight, when I see what happened when I was 'moved' by that function in certain specific events and finally realized I'd been alone when many of them happened.

The depths of mind is where an unsleeping part of me (and probably everyone else) is at work. Nothing materially changes but 'associations and understanding'. Its nearly impossible to detect that there's a vast space between upper regions of mind and the most remote regions of mind that produces content that is thankfully strangely visible. It uses symbols that the individual 'knows' or can recognize.

My main symbol is the moebius band in all it's forms. An impulse caused me to make my first one in 1941 when I was 9 years old. The same impulse caused me to discover its 'secret', it's hidden forms that day after I'd made the band with a 180 degree turn. "Cut around it lengthwise." was a thought and I cut it once lengthwise, surprised at the result. The thought words repeated : "Cut around it lengthwise." so I obeyed again. The result was two bands separated but joined in a knot that didn't look like it could be undone. The two bands were joined but separated. The impulse has caused me to look over my shoulder at just the right moment, in the right location and what it brings to my attention is ALWAYS a surprise, sometimes its a real shock, perfectly timed.

It's connected to a part of 'me' that knows where I am, what's in front of me, where I've been and 'it' knows my most private thought. That part evidently knows the future, it has foresight and 'it' or whatever it's connected to uses a different language than our words. But it's within me, looking through my eyes, and I'm not unusual.

The four world balloon was created from an impulse to do something irrational.

About the image of 4 balloons?

I had an impulse to create my own image to represent (re-present) of the four worlds that William Blake's Tree of Life allegory had brought to my mind. I described what I wanted to a young man in a craft store and he thought it was impossible to do what I had in mind. Yet he did it without too much trouble then he made one for himself.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When the planet itself seems to respond to an individual.

This post is about a few paragraphs taken from Robert Aziz's book,   C. G. Jung’s Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity  on page 78-79.  I'm going to write a review of the book using these paragraphs, hoping to explain a 'symptom' that many individuals experience: thought broadcasting and other so called symptoms of mental illness.

 Mr. Aziz wrote:
“The association   of the feeling level experience of the 'numinous' with synchronistic type events is something  Jung suggests, that has long been recognized, although understood differently.  For centuries it has been held that there exists a connection between the  intensity of one’s  emotional  state and the activation of special powers within, which in turn enable one  magically to influence events  taking place in the external world.   In illustration of this point, Jung cites a passage from the writings of Albertus Magnus (1200-1280) the noted teacher of Thomas  Aquinas.  Drawing on the work of the Islamic philosopher and physician Avicenna (980-1037)
Albertus Magnus writes:  “ I discovered an instructive account (of magic) in Avicenna’s Liber sextus naturalium, which says that a certain power to alter things indwells in the human soul and subordindates the other things to  her, particularly when she is swept into a great excess of love or hate or the like. When therefore the soul of a man falls into a great excess of any passion, it can be proved by experiment that it (the excess) binds things (magically) and alters them in the way it wants, and for a long time I did not believe it, but after I had read the nigromantic books and others of the kind on signs and magic, I found that the emotionality of the human soul is the chief cause of all these things…..Whoever would learn the secret of doing and undoing these things must know that everyone can influence everything magically if he falls into a great excess…and he must do it at that hour when the excess befalls him, and operate with the things the soul prescribes.”
In the above Albertus Magnus identifies the existence of a direct connection between the powerful activation of affect on the one hand and the production of ‘magical .…(synchronistic) happenings on the other. Impressive as this account was to Jung, he was not however led to agree completely with its interpretation of things, specifically with its claim that magical happenings are caused by affect.
In contrast to this interpretation of the relationship between affect and the  “magical arrangement of outward events, Jung suggests that affect rather than being the ‘arranger’ is itself so to speak “arranged” by the constellated archetype  (pattern) that is present both inwardly and outwardly. “naturally Albertus Magnus” Jung explains, “ in accordance with the spirit of his age, explains this (the relationship between the affect and the magical arrangement of events) by postulating a magical faculty of the soul, without considering that the psychic process itself is just as much ‘arranged’ as the coinciding image which anticipates the external physical process.
According to Jung therefore, the intensely felt emotionality and sense of inner power described by Albertus Magnus refers in fact to a direct experience of the numinosity of the psychoid archetype."
That's the end of what Robert Aziz wrote.  Because extremes of emotions happen to each of we two- legged uprights all too often,  that forced me to think about whether the body, (mine is the only one I can observe as to inner content)  even in extreme emotional states, can and in such highly charged situations does actually create changes in the material world. If so, that implies a feed back loop. How can it seem to be that what an individual is highly charged about gets a response from the material world, in my specific location, so  often that I feel literally unbalanced?  
  My question is whether 'numinosity' (a feeling) is the effect  or is a real cause of inner content meeting its exact content outside of the body. If the answer is "Yes" doesn't that force a re-thinking about the conjunction, the meeting point,  of thought and matter because mirror neurons have been identified and they were obviously at work before they were recognized?  What was 'magic' has a name now. (The discovery of the function of neurons in the brain were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1932, the same year the atom was 'cracked open' to reveal smaller particles. I was born in that year which may explain why I became interested in Paul Davies, David Bohm and Joseph Chilton Pearce when I was in my mid 50s, the mid 1980's.) Now science has recognized mirror neurons.

What I was 'doing' then was sharing the experiences created by two local square dance enthusiasts, who were struggling to literally change something: they wanted mainstream dancers to learn higher level, advanced and challenge levels of square dancing.  At those levels all the rules area changed, there are no gender roles or positions, every dancer has to learn to dance the other genders' positions in the set! 

There are  also certain square dance movements at challenge level that add phantom dancers to the 8 real people. That concept call forced me to learn to dance with people who couldn't be seen but who had to be 'tracked' as 'they' moved. To do that required knowing how to use my mind in a way I'd never done before, and that's where 'mixed signals', being in a 'double bind' every day, 360 day, 24 hours, 7 days began to affect me and cause new meanings and contexts to be generated in my mind.

 One night one of the square dance callers chanted the name of a familiar movement: "cast a shadow". After I heard his voice, I noticed a thought in my mind, a very quiet thought voice, distinct because it was different repeat the words this caller had chanted: "cast a shadow". After that incident, this was repeated every time this caller, and no other caller chanted those words! I noticed the quiet thought voice that repeated the words: cast a shadow. The only association I knew then was a comic book hero, a radio show character that began with a creepy voice saying: "Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? The Shadow knows! The Shadow  has the power to blind men's minds so they cannot see him." I had no knowledge of C. G. Jung and his concept of the shadow. The way I understand the 'shadow' is that ''it" has the power to blind men's minds, but "it" uses that power to open minds also. William Blake in my opinion uses the word 'spectre' where I would use the  idea of the 'shadow'.

It can be trivial events that are used by the 'shadow' to open the mind, I noticed that other callers who chanted the words 'cast a shadow' did not generate the quiet thought that repeated the words.
That fact seemed very strange to me when I noticed it. How could one callers' voice produce that 'effect' but no other caller did?

'The two enthusiastic men were somewhat at war in that they disagreed in some ways, one was quite rigid in his standards the other was 'soft and flexible'. Those who were dancing with both men's clubs felt this war, but the mainstream dancers rejected both men basically for several years.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The individualized life turns science against its self.

I'm not a young woman, nor a middle aged female, I'm an old lady, I hope. I read a lot, old books and newly published books that surprisingly sometimes  say the same thing. Reading a certain page in  Ouspenkys' Tertium Organun for instance recently merged seamlessly with a chapter in The Bond by Lynn McTaggart, a recent book. The subject was language, biology, DNA and the possibility that the environment and personal  experiences alter ones DNA. But naturally that formed  the inference that science doesn't establish stable information. Even scientific studies that had been accepted truths changed into being false when more information was revealed.

 I read somewhere that every life forms (or should form) a 'story'.  The 'story' that's formed as I have lived my life, is that as an individual my experiences do accomplish something. I used to wonder if my  seeing something or being present made a difference anywhere, if just being an observer changed anything. In 1989 I read a newstory that had been published in 1932 about the gamma ray experiments to be made by Arthur H. Compton.  That was the year I was born, and the front page article mentioned that the 'new discoveries' of quantum physics implied that human thought, human activities and motives were involved at that level.That was 80 years ago.
 I know that what I saw and observed in my unique life that formed my 'story' was revealed to me, it was  received by me as inner content that emerged from the physical world but which merged and joined with content that was already present in my mind, thought and other content that was not visible until it met its exact match, creating  'coincidences' that generated new contexts and meanings to 'events', in my past and 'now', a point that is not fixed.
 It seems logical to assume the 'new physics' was about information itself, and the body is information, every event is potential information, every circumstance is potential information. The Bond by Ms. Taggart as I understand it opens that territory. Some mechanisms of mind that are not under my will must be active to reveal new-to-me information.

The entire  story  gave me evidence that  what I saw and thought, even the more private thoughts and events that I never told anyone about, are stored in a data base, with my names on it. I don't know the 'address' but it is  known to some intelligence other than mine. (Emanuel Swedenborg's experiences and his complicated writings as well as Robert Monroe's are evidence that the mind can operate independently from an individuals 'will and intentionality' and the body.)  

There's an old riddle about liars and truth tellers who live together in a certain city. I read it somewhere when I was a very young girl. The only rule in this city is that liars are compelled to lie and truth tellers are equally compelled to say what is true. What question can a visitor ask of any citizen in this city that will reveal whether one is doing business with a liar or truth teller? At the time I didn't spend any time trying to think of a question.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The modern world and the past are being integrated into a single stream.

The process of integrating the past is an individual activity  that is a natural part of normal life that happens but in an unexpected way.  The individual can become aware of participating in that activity, its probably supposed to become conscious work done for an other level. I became aware of it in every day normal situations, it was not the kind of sudden enlightenment that I've learned is commonly described. A few events that happened early in life formed a foundation for becoming aware of that other level later in life.

The individuation process itself is not time bound, nor is it linear.  I can only write that from experiences, 8 decades of experiences that were embedded at first in every day life,  in my specific location, it didn't matter where I was. 
To define what I mean by 'embedded' is difficult because I can only recognize a link between my past and whatever was happening 'now' from hindsight. I could write many examples of how some event embedded in every day life was 'abstracted from   embeddedness' and used to form a new  context but a few terrabytes of 'data' is in that slot. And that  content is growing and flowing like a river into which new content falls constantly. But that material can't be united into a coherent kind of 'story' except in my own memory. Its the most private location in the universe. "Like tears in rain", my real life story is embedded in that river of events that happened in my entire life.
  My inner content is so different lately, but that's happened a few times in the past. I just feel and experience the world outside my  body differently now than I did before I fell 10-1-2012 and fractured my  hand. I had a cast    for almost 2 months and that was life in a new world to an octogenarian body. I know the next step can change my life now so I'm in a somewhat new mindset: confronting fear directly every minute.
Experience helps deal with that kind of change, its happened a few times almost suddenly but I've read a lot and what I've read that Ira Progoff wrote, has helped me more than any doctor or medicine. Every change is somewhat akin to a peristolic movement, excuse the link to the  processes of digestion, but I feel 'moved' closer to the exit with each change, after some time 'in' that new location. Swedenborg has been a sanity anchor but there are many authors who threw me a life raft or even gave me a boat and oars to use to navigate the space 'within' while I tried to  live 'normal'.

 I've travelled a great distance in my own inner space, and found out the space between my ears encloses a different kind of space but its vast and 'within' is information filled.  I didn't know anything about mental space when my attention was switched from the outer world to my own mind. I have foresight, hindsight all of which are blended into a 'now' that contains so much information that I understand what William Blake wrote: " its possible to understand the world in a grain of sand."  He didn't  use the  word 'understand', that's my chosen word to replace his word 'see'. The history of a grain of sand is now included in quantum physics and its almost certain history is in our body.
History is what I see now with this mindset, mostly its patterns, stereotypes that are no longer enough information. But now  its my history but also  its only the described history, what's been written down and accepted as truth as well as whatever truth has been rejected. Its our work to 'digest' it and re-view as much as possible into a better 'Big Picture'.
Reading what the ancients wrote has forced me to realize there is a hidden vein of activity at work in Time,  and 'we' are it. That idea  was probably later formed into an awareness of the  presence of 'forces' beyond sight, at least normal sight and an Other that Hesiod wrote, told him what is true or what only 'seems' to be true while he tended his flock. That is almost enough information since falsities and truth are what we deal with, a real world and an apparently there 'other' world. where we live 'now'.
 Insight is different. Unusual events happen, embedded in normal every day life. Which I didn't have when I reported to work  for  my job at Boeing in 2-11-85, a day that was not typical at all: I was driving by and suddenly decided to apply for a job at Boeing. That day I asked for an application and was told they were not hiring so I turned to leave.  I saw a sign on a wall which I  read  then  turned around and said something to the receptionist. She handed me an application then I left  but was hired because of that sign.

I'd had a harsh 5 years, because somehow Mt. St. Helens eruption May 18, 1980 at 8:32 had become a benchmark for changes in my mind and body, but 32 event filled years have scrolled through Time since we erupted.
 I was 52 years old then and everyone asked how I got an application, they couldn't get one.( I saw the metal model of the pi symbol that day and I drove a car licensed ETW 651 that day, Extra Terrestrial Woman 651 was not a vanity plate, it just happened to be on the auto when I bought it.)
 It was a surprise that I had to join a union and had to give my Social Security Number, I nearly walked out but I joined IAM 751 because I needed a job.
My point is that I was not curious about what the sign said or why it caused me to turn back and say something until several years later, the memory began to lurk about in my mind. In fact  I did not think about  that event at all until it was retrieved one day into my memory,  along with some degree of curiosity about it, so often that I had to think about it.  What did the sign say and what had I said that resulted in being employed at such an age as 52?  Obviously the memory of that moment is stored in a nambered slot somewhere.  I just don't know that nameber myself, but I know it is 'known'  and it was accessed often enough to make me curious, then think about and wonder why I was prodded to notice the 'wierdness' of that day.

 Other memories have been retrieved specifically that way, memories that I had forgotten and not thought were unusual when they happened until they reoccurred so often I had to wonder about them, and ask my self: 'why now?'  My history is where the answer to that question exists. I'd had a very difficult 7 years prior to that day and had to work very hard to do things that  had been easy.  With hindsight, I can see now that the years between 1975 and 1984 had certain events happen, and they were also embedded in 'normal' so I had to learn how to abstract them, and that happened between 1984 and 1993!
There's no linearity in the mind, the old joke my grandmother repeated so often: "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." is as profound  truth as any philosopher ever wrote.
 My  inner content is different now, and lately I feel 'like'  I'm being given more information about my earliest years, the patterns of my past are the woof and warp of what's happening in my inner content.  Its a long stream of events that may include being a grain of sand, or less than that. Dust thou were and to dust thou shall return." Quantum physics again! I see this as  story now, told to me in a strange kind of perception of my mind and body, detached from it somehow, yet still 'in' it. Goethe saved my sanity somewhat when I read: "I saw not with the eyes of the body but with the eye of the soul." in Theodore Reiks incredible book: Fragment of a Great Confession. More about him later.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning to understand our 'now' as a cycle that's repeating in Time

Food for thought:  Arnold Toynbee's  book, Greek Thought contains selections from the writings of some Greek historians that he believed wrote about history honestly.
 I want to present one selection:
 The Burden of Rome, from Polybius Book VI, Chapter 57   because the content is specific and  it  reads as a description of  our present global condition:  "The disintegration and transformation to which everything in the Universe is exposed may really be taken for granted as a self evident corollary to the Uniformity of Nature. There are however two possible processes by which the disintegration of any given type of commonwealth may be effected—one external and the other internal; and while the external process is not amenable to scientific study, the internal obeys fixed laws."

"I have already described the successive phases of political development and the transitions from one phase to the other, sufficiently to enable readers capable of drawing the logical deductions from the present inquiry to forecast the future for themselves. In my opinion the future is clear.

In the case of any commonwealth which has repelled a series of acute dangers and has subsequently attained to a position of undisputed predominance and supremacy, it is evident that the violent influx of prosperity will produce a more extravagant standard of living and an excessively keen competition between individuals for office and other objects of ambition. "
"As these tendencies develop, a process of deterioration will be initiated by the thirst for office and the reproach of an undistinguished career, as well as by the pretentiousness and extravagance of the standard of living."
"The nominal responsibility for this transformation will attach to the masses, when they are inspired with a sense of injustice by the material greed of some of their masters, and with a false conceit by the material greed of some of their masters, and with a false conceit by the insincerity of others in pursuit of a political career. At this point the masses become so intensely exasperated and so completely guided by passion that they repudiate all subordination to or even equality with the upper classes and identify the interests of the community with their own."
"When this point is reached the commonwealth acquires the flattering appellations of liberty and democracy, while it is subjected to the appalling reality of the ‘despotism of the crowd.’"
There are so many changes that are happening in our 'now' stream of events, but there are more people alive now than have ever been alive that collectively know  much more about life on this planet. There are more  who can read and who do read and think for themselves, (lots of them are like me a female that had a real world problem that led to discovering her own thoughts have never been recorded in his story, history being his story, not her story. )
There is a mystery behind those changes but  many individuals are working on what the 'mystery' is, and experiencing it in a personal situation. If it's the same now as it was then when that historian described how a democracy is initiated,  a person has to wonder why this 'mysterious thing' continues through generations,  what it's purpose is, and what it's intending to convey in any 'now.

A few decades ago, I read that every thing that happens in an individual life happens eventually to the collective, which is the  bundled life of 'us', 'we', 'our' experiences that are collected, cached, stored, batched.  That pattern, as a cycle  is expressed in the now 'we' are living it yet  it was also obvious so long ago  and was written about at least by Greek historians.  Few uneducated individuals wrote about history, but that's the biggest change in this re-cyle of the pattern. Everyone can write their life story. The mystery of history is under our scope.
 I'm not the first woman to  want to  understand why the stereotyped patterns about life do not match up as accurate descriptions of every woman's  real world experiences, especially mine. I had  a limited social life, living in a small town so I  heard certain words much of  my life that  had no masculine counterpart but I didn't notice that until I was in my early 50's!  They were always remarks made  about a female. Until about 1985 when I read a chapter in a book about 'male' menopause  I had never heard 'male' and 'menopause' together! But I had seen the movie, Ash Wednesday which is a graphic movie about 'male menopause' in the exact form it was described in that chapter in a book I read in about 1980.
Another word  was 'neurotic' and it was always a female that was neurotic. But the most commonly heard was 'ball breaker'. I had to think for a while to form a masculine counterpart for that phrase, but  I'm not going to put it in print.

This post is about cycles in Time, patterns in Time that are configuring like a software program would our life now.  We can feel them, see them and are expected to deal with them individually. Perhaps we on the planet are going through 'mid life crisis', in a  state of neurosis and psychosis.

 The Greek historians knew there was a pattern, a cycle  that repeated and that cycle is repeating now. A few educated individuals in the past are still speaking now, thanks to Arnold Toynbee, who wrote about an experience he had as an eye witness to a scene in which he was in Ancient Rome!

The mind itself is under the microscope, in this cycle. How the mind participates in reality is under the microscope of more individuals in this cycle. The  operations and results of the transcendent function that I've tried to describe, as to its effects and its process of individualizng a particular life is almost as visible now as it will ever be.

There is evidence that the individual experience can be and should be understood by that individual, and when that happens the realization does mean something that benefits humanity overall. Too much has been written about the 'invisible world' and patterns in the past to dismiss that aspect of life as 'delusional' thinking. More about that later.